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swimming pool fence

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        Our company offers a wide range of temporary pool fence .It can set up a safety perimeter around your swimming pool with high quality temporary pool fencing, and keep your kids safe! Our temporary pool fence is specifically designed to prevent children from accessing a pool or spa when filled with water. Our temporary pool fencing exceeds all current pool fence standards ensuring your peace of mind and safety. Customers and pool installers prefer our temporary fences, as they are easy to install and dismantle, whilst being very strong and secure. Self closing pool gates can also be supplied in order to provide a convenient and safe entry point to your pool area while the temporary pool fence is in place.

    The fence height shall extended at least 1.2 meters above the ground on the outside of the fence; and at least 1.2 meters above any permanent projection from or object permanently placed on the ground outside and within 1.2 meters of the fence.

    If you are interested in our product,please feel free to contact with me.

    Contact:Miss Qiao