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Frame Fence Processing

◇ Frame Fence Processing
According to company policy screening material suppliers and procurement (wire rod, wire, pipe) - Incoming Inspection --- debug the machine and wire mesh production --- the first piece of a large cargo inspection and testing process --- mold making, under the framework of material and welding --- first article inspection and testing process and framework ---- mesh connected (welded) then --- first piece inspection and process column material under test --- , bending and forming, welding --- ear side first article inspection and process inspection --- test --- electrical installation supporting full galvanized or hot dip galvanized and inspection --- --- finished processing and inspection or sampling inspection Inspection --- warehoused ---- transportation

Panel Producing 1

Material Preparation 2

Measuring 3

Post with Edge
Connector Welded 4

Measuring 5

Frame with Fence
Panel Welded 6

Testing 7

Testing 8

Installation Testing 9

Spraying 10

Powder Spraying 11

Testing 12

Finished Product 13

Finished Post 14

Products 15

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