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Plank market

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This week the domestic plate market prices slightly differences, hot-rolled coil market resources are still tight, prices remain firm in Shanghai price is due to common specifications resource constraints and rose 80 yuan , but also Guangzhou , Chengdu and other parts of the price of resources after a slight arrival appeared slightly lower. Cold rolled coil market continues weak decline, prices fell slightly in most areas . Plate main producing region Handan Muan mills lock price policy than on Friday cut 70 yuan , a large decline in the price of the impact on the local billet plate factory , but also to follow the market price of Handan steel prices down by 40 -50 yuan, and other little change in most parts of the plate market .

Plate sheet falling price also reduce the cost of production, ordering now undoubtedly is a very correct choice, lookiing forward to your inquiry.

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